Business Sale Preparation


Business Valuation & Assessment Services

Thinking of selling your business, but not sure where to begin? Let us help you get off to the right start.

Prepare yourself and your business so you can sell with confidence and peace of mind that you are getting a fair deal.  Before you run up a legal bill in the tens of thousands which is EASY to do, we can help you know what to budget and where you can save money during this process.

Our business assessment process allows you to view your company through the eyes of a buyer. Understand your company’s current value and marketability and learn how to improve it to maximize your future sales price.

If you use a business broker or investment banker for the sale process, they will give you a pre-sale value range. They know the process of selling your business and will create market pressure that often drives the price down and can affect contingencies like converting “all cash” deals into “cash plus future payments” deals.

We have experienced the downsides of putting business up for sale in the hands of a brokers, investment bankers, and lawyers.  Consequently we have developed a business model to help business owners get the value and terms BEST for THEM.  More importantly, we can identify operational changes that in a relatively short period will significantly increase the price a buyer will pay for your business.

We can find what you need! Let us help you strategize your unlimited future!!

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