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Our other division of IT offerings is provided through our dynamite, creative software development partner. This international software development team provides services ranging from simple staff augmentation and technical consulting to complete product lifecycle solutions.

Currenty, there is a massive shortage of top tier software developers and engineers. Trying to gather the resources to pull a large project to completion can be tricky. We have teams of experts in this field who can be deployed to a project within 30-60 days.

These technical teams have strong focus on desktop, Web 2.0/Cloud, and mobility applications, (iOS and Android).  Deep expertise in Rotating Media and Solid State storage software; embedded systems engineering  (CPLG, FPGA, IC, and PCB’s) and building software systems for both Bare-Metal and RTOS environments –results in a perfect match for Internet of Things projects. They have been effective as a skunkworks for rapid prototyping, extending client products and brands quickly and flexibly without disrupting their core engineering teams.

This division can also provide consulting services for all stages of development– from architecture through QA.  In addition to providing component technician services and working with leading suppliers and manufacturers in the industry,  this team has architected, designed, developed and delivered commercial products for a broad-spectrum of clients. These clients range in size from large, public technology companies, to early stage startups. They create solutions that cut-across industries that range from Rotating Media and Solid State storage systems to viral mobility applications running on iPhone, Android, and many other mobility platforms.

All projects are led from multiple U.S. office locations.  They are staffed with technical teams in South America, Central America and Eastern Europe.  We provide fast and flexible access to specialized skills and deliver significant savings compared to in-house development.

If you may have a need for specialized software solution please contact us for a free consultation!

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