Strategic Planning


Strategic Planning

At the end of the day,  business turnaround, sale preparation, and/or succession planning require(s) strategic planning and financial analysis. We have considerable experience starting and operating businesses of many sizes.  Two large components of our business success are focus and discipline, which are critical to identify S.M.A.R.T goals, establish sound objectives, and develop fiscally-sound budgets.

We work with our clients to establish business strategies, create budgets and identify areas to improve business performance.  We start by assessing organizations’ business processes, information systems, human and other resources.  Our next-step is to formulate action-based solutions to problem areas.

Most start-ups and early-stage companies quickly burn through their initial capital. We are experienced at providing strategic budgeting and cash-flow management, as well as finding and utilizing advantageous ways to obtain and use credit.  Using our longevity and experience in the business start-up arena, we partner with start-ups to help them quickly get off the ground and become cash-flow positive.

Additionally, we can provide valuable planning and turn-around methodologies for existing companies that are looking to increase profitability and growth in their organizations.

Financial Controls

The statistics for venture capital start-ups are startling. Over 60% of them fail within the first 5 years. There is extensive data that shows the more money you throw at a business the more likely it is to fail.

Human Resources & Business Culture

Is your current business climate one of collaboration and trust or is it more like a tug of war? Business culture and the way in which human resources are used can be the single most important factor.

If you are ready to take that step towards growing your business and becoming profitable, let us help you strategize your unlimited future!!

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